Company History

Company Start

Pepper Pot Caribbean Foods is dedicated to bringing you the best in true Caribbean flavor. We are located in the Southernmost Island of Key West, Fl. where we have been for 10yrs.  We are bringing you all of the flavor that the Caribbean has to offer. The heat and vibrancy of the Caribbean Culture is what is translated to our sauces.

Company Start

If you have experienced it for yourself you know what I speak of and if you have not, just a taste of our sauce to like a carnival in your mouth.

Company Start

Hot and spicy, Sweet and heat all the things that the culture has to offer in one bite. You can spice up an everyday meal or turn something you enjoy into something new. In the Caribbean we like to heat things up and enjoy it foods we love.  That why we invite Spice lover and the spice challenge alike to.

Our Goals

Pepper Pot Caribbean Foods is a small family owned company whose goals are to bring the most delectable Caribbean sauces to you at home. We have discovered that like you, we miss some of the flavors of home. Being unable to find them here and having a desire for the hot and spicy climate of our native born culture of the Caribbean, we began producing it at home for ourselves, friends and family.   We at Pepper Pot would like you to join our circle of love ones and taste the mouthwatering sauces of the Caribbean.

We are dedicated in our efforts to present an authentic and all natural taste of the West Indies.  From right here at our Island home of Key West, Florida, the Southern Most City in the United States and the birth place of Pepper Pot Caribbean Foods.

Our sauces will transport you to your favorite island get away.  The heat and vibrancy of the Caribbean culture is what Pepper Pot sauces translate.  Tantalizing your taste buds with waves of deliciousness.  Our sauces hot, sweet and spicy flavors will be an explosive heat flavor that you can’t get enough of.    Try one of our sauces on your next meal to spice things up and add a new flavor, which you will want to share with everyone you know.

Join the Pepper Pot family and “Enjoy it on everything you Love”

Our Commitment

Shane- CEO
Amy- Designer
Raine- Designer
Nalani- Manager

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